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Chiang Mai Creative City Initiative Project Opening Ceremony

Chiang Mai Creative City Initiative Project Opening Ceremony

Seminars and exhibitions were organized to help increase knowledge and understanding of local handicrafts and folk art in order to promote Chiang Mai as a “Creative City” as part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network – Crafts and Folk Art, during which the organizers explicated the definition, purpose, and meaning of the project.


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Prototype Product Training

Prototype Product Training Craft community in Chiang Mai With content in conservation, continuation and development of crafts and folk art By focusing on the awareness of the guidelines for conservation crafts and folk art Including developing the product model to be consistent with the traditional cultural And can be further extended to modern innovation.


Crafts With Heart for Young Gens

Workshops for young Gens to create guidelines for increasing understanding and developing knowledge of handicrafts of the community. Inspiring And linking the network of handicraft and folk art to the new generation.


Yung Khao Lanna-Public Hearing

Organizing a symposium to brainstorm "Yung Khao Lanna-Public Hearing" from all stakeholders in order to lead the event planning Driven by Chiang Mai as a UNESCO creative city network in craft and folk art And linking the network of exporters, entrepreneurs, government agencies And the private sector that is involved in the city policy And handicrafts, including folk art.


Prototype Product Showcase

Prototype Product Showcase to show creative work Handicrafts of wisdom teachers And young generation To show the ability to create new creative designs from the traditional handicrafts of Chiang Mai and Lanna people, while providing opportunities for young people to create handicrafts that are in line with modern life Which is the creation of guidelines for furthering local handicrafts to the present world.


CMCCFA Summary Operating Results

Organizing the seminar, summarizing the operation in the first year.


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Indigo Dye Workshop

To learn the indigo cultivation process, indigo fermentation and indigo dyeing, and to perform indigo dyeing experiments with the technique of clamping, strapping, clamping from a qualified person And experts in the field of indigo dyeing in particular In order for the participants to receive information and practice properly and able to apply indigo dyeing methods according to Lanna wisdom to apply to product development in Other forms.


Ceramic Workshop

Academic training on knowledge about pottery (ceramic) work in Lanna district to learn the identity of pottery work with local techniques. From the past and spread to various regions Through exchange trading Participants will be trained to create patterns on pottery (ceramics) using various processes and techniques including scraping, writing, carving and printing so that participants can learn various techniques. To be able to bring Knowledge to develop their own ceramic work to suit individual needs.


Natural Dye Workshop

Workshop academic training on natural dyes consisting of kadon, ebony, anchor Thai and indigo. Practice creating patterns on the fabric Through the tie dye process using the technique of strapping, strapping, clamping and experimenting in dyeing natural colors With many colors and techniques in one piece.


Craft Community Tour

Excursions in the craft community, including the mechanic community in Mueang Chiang Mai district, Puaktam community, the points, the brass work, which is called "Khua Tong", and the community doing lacquerware at Ban Sri Pan Krua, and the wickerwork community in Sarapee district tingly is Pa Bong community. To know the history of the craft work process and to know the source of handicrafts in Chiang Mai And bring knowledge from learning Develop into a new tourism And applying handicrafts to use in a new way.


Cultural Branding

Workshop activities and cultural tourism in communities that produce handicrafts


Manufacturers and Users of Handicrafts Seminar

Workshop to promote the knowledge exchange process In the production of crafts and folk art to users this will increase the understanding of the value and importance of crafts and folk art. Can bring knowledge gained from mutual exchanges go further to develop the handicraft and folk art appropriately. With social context Art and culture to continue the breath of the manufacturers of crafts and folk art.


Chiang Mai Crafts and Folk Art Forum 2015

The organizing of this international event aims to exchange knowledge, experience, conservation, development, management of crafts and folk art of various countries. To enhance the potential of the city and country in building good relationships and networking International Crafts and Folk Art In order to publicize Chiang Mai's handicrafts and folk art to be internationally known and to allow government agencies, people, villagers, craftsmen and new generations Get to know Practices related to "Creative City" and open space to show the potential of crafts and ground art House for society to acknowledge.


Teen Jok Wrap-arund skirt of Chiang Mai

The activity is divided into 2 sub-activities. The 1st activity provides knowledge about the skirt of Chiang Mai. And the 2nd activity to inspire product design From skirt of Chiang Mai Participants can use the knowledge gained from the speakers to create works. Which still remains the root of handicrafts, in which this activity has given the proposition which is a piece of Mae Chaem skirt for the participants to design as handicraft products In order to realize the value and inspire people Which the participants have created the work that represents the identity There are both jewelry designs. Fashion design Including interior decorations for living By maintaining the identity of Mae Chaem skirt


Embroidered of Chiang Mai

The activity is divided into 2 sub-activities. The 1st activity provides knowledge about embroidery fabrics, ethnic groups in Chiang Mai. And the 2nd activity to inspire the design of embroidery products In organizing this event, the project has inspired the creation of a career. With proposition for the participants to introduce the identity of the national costume in Chiang Mai To create works that are new products Without forgetting the original identity In order to respond to market demand and increase product value Which participants can design a variety of products Both decorative ornaments facilities That still has the unique identity of the ethnic group.


Chiang Mai Design Weeks 2016′ Seminar

Chiang Mai City of Crafts and Folk Art, in cooperation with TDCD, organized a seminar on urban development to creative cities. By inviting experts from Taipei City And Jaipur City from the government, academic and practical sectors come and exchange views and experiences on conservation and further development of the city to grow on the basis of the local identity of the city. in December 6, 2016 at 13.30 - 17.00 at Chiang Mai Vocational College Topic on "Urban Development towards UNESCO Creative City & Crafts and Community "


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Embroidery Workshop

This activity is an activity that has been inspired by cotton embroidery, Sankangpla community in San Kamphaeng District, Chiangmai Province with cotton embroidery techniques Imitate the beauty from nature both floral and peacock designs from the past up to the present, about 40 years ago, In Chiang Mai city is very popular with wearing embroidered cotton. But nowadays, handcrafts embroidery is not always popular. Embroidered handcrafts are often replaced with embroidery machines. Causing fewer people to work with embroidery the project recognizes the beauty of embroidery by hand. Is a charming handicraft There is only one piece in the world. And can create value as well.


Hmong Batik Workshop

Hmong Village, Doi Pui Village, found that at present, products that are sold are products that can be found in Chiang Mai. Lack of identity and lack of cultural tourism and the lack of presentation of the identity of the Hmong handicrafts that were not published to be known to tourists. The working group therefore convened to brainstorm ideas before organizing the activity "Hmong Batik Workshop" to revive the technique of making candles. To be able to create jobs that have economic value and promoting careers for those interested highland ethnic groups and young designers.


Lisu Twine Knotting Workshop

The working group saw the importance of the Lisu hill tribe handicrafts which featured the "braided rope", therefore organized a workshop on the topic of making Lisu braided rope. To be able to create works that come from cultural roots to contemporary handicrafts learn about the ethnic way of life with Lisu handicrafts in order to preserve the cultural capital that remains. The event was organized in collaboration with speakers from the "Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles" and Lisu Ban Si Dong Yen Community, Mae Tang District, Chiang Mai Province.


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Chiang Mai City of Crafts and Folk Art

Creative Cities Network of UNESCO


Chiang Mai Creative City Workshop

This activity is a collection of past workshops of the project. To develop handicraft design Creativity from the cultural capital of Chiang Mai there are 3 features that are still tied together. Which is caused by the historical and cultural development of the community linked from village level to city And is a driving force for creativity for Chiang Mai to bloom with craftsmanship and the movement of creative industries And contemporary craftsmanship The development of creative craftsmanship can only occur when the sustainability of the community's handicrafts to bring works from the department "Chiang Mai Creative Craft City" selected to showcase the work in the "Chiang Mai Crafts Fair 2017"


Chiang Mai Crafts Fair 2017

Chiang Mai Crafts Fair 2017 was organized to create jobs. "Creative from the community to contemporary handicrafts" is a presentation of ideas creative products by various community groups within the city of Chiang Mai with a unique identity and the presentation of new product creation styles resulting from the extension In concepts and techniques from cultural capital from traditional handicrafts to contemporary handicraft designs By the target group to participate in this event. Obtained from the group that had attended the workshop with the project in the past year In order to encourage those who are underprivileged and create a career and can also develop their own foundation to add value to the value of products derived from the original cultural capital resulting in sustainable development


Craft Exhibition


Sub-Network Meeting

City of Crafts and Folk Art Sub-Network Meeting Icheon, Korea


100 Years Evolution of Chiang Mai Costumes

Exhibiting an exhibition telling the story of Chiang Mai through the costume Divided into various periods According to the history of Chiang Mai since 1900 - present, it is intended to be an exhibition And disseminating knowledge on crafts and ways of life, culture and traditions of Chiang Mai And is a presentation of the beauty of Chiang Mai in the field of crafts for people to know And interested


Annual Meeting UNESCO Creative Cities Network

Attending the 12th Annual Meeting of the Creative City Network of UNESCO in Krakow, Poland


Chiang Mai Forum 2018

Chiang Mai Forum 2018 "The next step of Chiang Mai Creative City of UNESCO"


Seoul Cloud

Chiang Mai Creative City Presentation Seoul Korea


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Learning about Chiang Mai Textile

Chiang Mai Creative Workshop Learning about Chiang Mai Textile


Culour From Nature

Chiang Mai Creative Workshop Learning about How to Natural dye textile


Design Style Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Creative Workshop Learning about How to Design Chiang Mai textile


Chiang Mai Creative City

Chiang Mai Creative Workshop Create products from Chiang Mai textile


Chiang Mai Crafts Fair 2018

Chiang Mai Crafts Fair 2018 Chiang Mai's fabric exhibition exhibition Presenting products created by young designers who participated in the workshop training in 2018, together with communities in Chiang Mai Creative Workshop and Creative Talk Workshop


Chiang Mai Creative city 1 year anniversary

Chiang Mai's 1st anniversary celebration has been announced to join the UNESCO Creative City Network.


CMCCFA Meeting with DASTA

On January 9-11, 2019, past CMCCFA Meeting with DASTA to discuss and help drive special areas of governance, such as Nan Province U Thong Ancient City Suphanburi Province Become a member of the UNESCO Creative City Network.


Tan Kaow Mai (Rice Offering and Buddha Worshiping)


Chiang Mai Education Reform 2019

On 30-31 January 2019, Chiang Mai Provincial Administrative Organization organized the 4th Chiang Mai Education Reform "Chiang Mai Educational Innovation Area" an activity that allows young children and young people to join in creating Share knowledge, new ideas, visit the exhibition that is the ultimate skill, productivity, wisdom and identity of Chiang Mai citizens. In this regard, the project Under the support of Chiang Mai Provincial Administration Organization Attended the exhibition In order to publicize and promote the project for children and youth Saw the importance of the crafts and folk art of Chiang Mai And continue to create sustainable crafts and folk art in Chiang Mai


CMCCFA Exhibition at Phuket


Tree of Life


The 13th UNESCO Creative Cities Annual Conference at Fabriano, Italy