Chiang Mai Crafts Fair 2018

Use / Share / Care / Protect

“A New Dimension in Everyday Life. Delivering Value to the Public. City of Arts & Crafts. Sustainable Cultural Foundations.”

8 -16 December 2018 at Chiang Mai Historical Centre

(behind the Thee Kings Monument)


“Use”, refers to crafting in a way that is relevant to everyday life in order to provide maximum benefit. This includes stimulating the consciousness of new generations and inspiring them to adopt local crafts in order to preserve and increase the value of Chiang Maicrafts in the most favourable manner.

“Share” refers to the concept of promoting the identity and production techniques of local crafts, as well as the value and importance of crafts in Chiang Mai, by presenting knowledge and spreading awareness among new generations by means of traditional craft exhibitions, where local craftspeople can demonstrate techniques and methods of production, and also by means of practical workshops.

“Care” refers to sustainable preservation of the value and unique identity of crafts and folk art in Chiang Mai by means of craft exhibitions and demonstrations of traditional craftsmanship by local craftspeople.

“Protect” refers to protection and promotion of the crafts and folk art of Chiang Mai – preserving the value and identity of traditional crafts by encouraging education, understanding, accessibility, and pride in the crafts and folk art of Chiang Mai. The people of Chiang Mai are at the heart of efforts to protect and develop the city, and it is according to this principle that the format for this festival has been organized – as a showcasing exhibition where visitors may also participate in practical experimental activities if they wish.

 Exhibition and demonstration of local crafts

Weaving– Characteristics of the weaving crafts, fabrics and clothing unique to Chiang Mai, exhibiting woven products such as shoulder bags, bandages, “Sampot”, shirts, etc. The exhibition with demonstrations of the traditional ‘weaving from the waist’ technique of the Lua ethnic group

“Stories in Pattern”-. This exhibition features demonstrations of processes and methods of fabric pattern creation, including the techniques of “Chuk Lai” “Mad Kan” or “Mad Hmi” and the unique embroidery techniques.

“Activity & Everyday Life”– Crafting with fabrics as a component in items such as parasols, pillows, hats, costumes and traditional dress. This exhibition will showcase the styles and patterns found in clothing, bedding, apparel, costumes, and other crafts featuring fabric components.

“Spiritual Crafts”– Crafts used in ritual, such as woven shrouds for sacred texts, “Phrabud”, “Phayant”, and talisman. This exhibition features crafts used in the rituals and ceremonies of Buddhism, including crafts and folk art involved in the worship of ancestral spirits of the Lanna people.


Showcasing contemporary and modern crafts by creative communities, artists and other creators of handicrafts in conjunction with Chiang Mai City of Crafts & Folk Art Project, part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network – Crafts & Folk Art, with contributions from participants in creative craft workshops previously organized by the project, and presentation of works that affirm the roots of the crafts and folk art of Chiang Mai.

Bed-Pillow Sewing  (Yeb Mon – Non Nun) with Mae Kum Por

11 December 2018 from 13:00 onwards.

Learn the techniques of patch-sewing fabric shapes and creative patterns onto traditional textile pillows, including the beautiful pattern known as “Chuknamon”.


Lua Necklace Knitting(Thuk – Loy – Soi – Lua)with Banraijaisook

13 December 2018 from 13:00 onwards.

Learn the craft of knitting yarn into a rope adornment, the “Lua braided necklace” known as “Hnangdopoaya”, as traditionally worn by the men of the Lua ethnic group.

Embroidered bags(Bak– Ka – Pao) with Nanjayree

14 December 2018 from 13:00 onwards.

Learn fabric embroidery techniques for creating patterns on wallets and purses using cotton and other natural fibres.

Cotton Dyeing (Mud Fai – Yom Lai)with Homlom Studio

15 December 2018 from 13:00 ownwards.

Learn to create patterns on fabric with the techniques of “squeeze, strap, bunch, tie” using natural dyes such as paduak and ebony. Use different techniques to create various patterns on colorful dyed scarves


Crafts Talk

12 December 2018 at Chiang Mai Historical Centre

10:00 – 11:00 How does Lanna way of life affect urban design in the city?

Prof. Chulathat Kitthibhu

Prof. Withi Panichapan

Prof. Jarupatcha Achavasmit


11:00 – 12:00 How can local crafts people innovate in the creative processes of crafts and Folk Art?

Jirawong Wongtrangan, InClay Studio Chiang Mai

Rowiya Hayiyama, Batik de Nara

Prof. Jarupatcha Achavasmit


13:110 -15:30 What is the value of crafts with respect to modern lifestyles and design (TBC)

Alison Welsh, Head of Fashion Research, Manchester Metropolitan University

Can local crafts and folk art evolve to be contemporary?

Ayip Budiman, Rumah Sanur Creative Hub

Q&A with Jarupatcha Achavasmit

“1stYear Anniversary, The Celebration of UNESCO Chiang Mai City of Crafts and Folk Art Designation”