Amphoe MaeJaem is ordinary keeping Julla Kathin Ceremony on as a reflection of folk crafts and buddhism. Julla Kathin ceremony will be arranged in the especial village which contains cotton planting and weaving. Ordinary Kathin ceremony usually arranged in the following month of the end of buddhist lent while Julla Kathin takes only 1 night for preparing. Other people may define Julla Kathin as a small set of general Kathin but actually composed of cooperation and spirit support from every villager. For a JulKathin preparation in Yang Luang temple Tambon Tapha Amphoe MaeJaem, all villagers come together to harvest cotton, spin the thread, dye, and weave a set of three garments of a Buddhist monk. All these processes must finish in 1 night.

What are differences of Julla Kathin and ordinary Kathin?

Kathin Ton is Kathin that the king informally gives to ordinary temple. To call “Kathin Ton” refers to royal stuffs, sounds as the royal word “PrapasTon, Chang Ton, and Ma Ton”. Phra Thammakittiwong has explained more about Kathin in a book Khamwat which show in the following excerpt.

Kathin Ton arranged in non-fixed temple, it depends on a decision of the king but usually in normal upcountry one. It is not for royal temple because Kathin wat Luang (royal Kathin) is directly provided from King.

Kathin Rart refers to ordinary Kathin that organized by people or villagers, in the nearby temple. A host of the ceremony can be a person or group. People may create a group for participating Kathin ceremony which called Kathin Samakhee and Julla Kathin is one of this kind too. Most Kathin Rart is organized in a great and joyous mood. They believe that making Kathin will give them a great merit so they celebrate as big as they can. For example, the participants create a parade for transfer Kathin tree to a temple by taking elephant, horse, or decorated car.

Julla Kathin means urgent Kathin ceremony. It take a fixed period for preparing, only 1 night for process of cotton thread spinning, weaving, sewing, dyeing, and drying, before forming as Pha Kathing and offer to the monk. Thus, to complete Julla Kathin must employed many skillful people and expert. (From Electronics Dictionary Royal Institute Edition A.C.2542)