“Phang Pra Theep” is the tribute in Buddhism. The word “Phang” refers to a small cup pottery which contains wax or oil while a candlewick made of cotton. “Pra theep” is used to call a light.

In the north of Thailand, Phang Pra Theep is the most meaningful ware especially in the Loy Kra thong festival (or Duan Yie Peng tradition, the night that the last quarter of waxing moon occurring in traditional 2nd mount). There are activities which show the belief of Phang Pra theep. First, in the evening, monks preach the thought of Phang Pra Theep with the section called “Ar Ni Song Pha Pra Theep” which about the result of Pra Theep lightning. Then, the Phang Pra Theep Kome will be lightened particularly at the front of Lord Buddha sculpture as much as the number of Gatha in each preaching section. For example, if the preaching section is Tan Gan which has 209 Gatha and 101 for Gan Gu Marn. On 15th day of the waxing moon, people will create the banana tree boat containing Pra Theep and let it go along to the river for worshipping the Threefold refuge in Buddhism as they believe that beauty and intelligence will be the reward; and for being an offering to Buddha.

Moreover, the background of Phang Pra theep also told as the myth. The story begins with a crow which with her 5 eggs. Surprisingly, a great storm buffets her nest and makes them be separated. A crow mom cannot find her eggs so the sadness takes her life away and then her spirit reborn into Pha Ga Phrom in The heaven. In the other hand, the 5 eggs were adapted by a hen, a Nakee, a turtle, a cow, and a woman; and hatch into 5 boys. They know that they are sibling when accidentally meet each other in many years later. So, all of them need to make a merit to their real mother but the merit does not reach to her because they do not know who that real one is. The king of Pha Ga Phrom knows that and comes to see them for advising a solution. He tells them to make a cotton rope, put it in into oil and then lighten as a Pra Theep creating. After that, the merit reach to a crow, and with a long meritorious act performing then 5 men become lord buddhas which are Pra Ga Gu San Tha, Pra Go Naa ka Ma Na, Pra Gas Sa Pa, Pra Ko Ta Ma, and Pra Sri A Ri Ya Met Tri.